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Regulatory compliance — Compliance (regulation) redirects here. For other uses, see Compliance (disambiguation). In general, compliance means conforming to a rule, such as a specification, policy, standard or law. Regulatory compliance describes the goal that… … Wikipedia

Oxygen radical absorbance capacity — (ORAC) is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities in biological samples in vitro.[1][2] A wide variety of foods has been tested using this method, with certain spices, berries and legumes rated highly.[3] There exists no physiological proof… … Wikipedia

FinCEN Issues Guidance on Application of Regulations to Certain Business Models Involving Convertible Virtual Currencies

The BSA and the regulations promulgated thereunder by FinCEN require that MSBs establish an effective anti-money laundering (AML) program and comply with certain recordkeeping and reporting requirements. 16 The AML program must be reasonably designed to prevent the MSB from being used to facilitate money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities. 17 The AML program must be written and must be commensurate with the risks posed by the MSB’s location, size, nature and volume of services provided. 18 At a minimum, the AML program must:

In the 2019 FinCEN Guidance, FinCEN effectively affirms its 2013 classifications that it ascribed to the three basic types of market participants to a generic CVC arrangement: “exchangers,” “administrators,” and “users.” In the 2013 FinCEN Guidance, FinCEN stated that exchangers and administrators generally qualified as money transmitters under the BSA; users did not. 25 The 2013 FinCEN Guidance confirmed that exchangers are subject to the same obligations under FinCEN regulations regardless of whether the exchangers are directly brokering the transactions between two or more persons, or whether the exchangers are parties to the transactions using their own reserves, in either CVC or real currency. 26 Also, the 2013 FinCEN Guidance made clear that transmission to “another location” is interpreted broadly and occurs when an exchanger selling CVC accepts real currency from a person and transmits the CVC equivalent to the person’s CVC account with the exchanger. 27

1 Если Сторона определяет прибрежное плавание, среди прочего, с целью
внесения изменений в перечень вопросов в колонке 2 таблиц требований к
компетентности в главах II и IIIчасти А Кодекса, для выдачи дипломов,
действительных для работы на судах, имеющих право плавать под флагом этой
Стороны и совершающих такое плавание, необходимо принимать во внимание
следующие факторы, имея в виду влияние этих изменений на безопасность всех
судов и морской окружающей среды:

2 Officer with capacities covered under the provisions of chapter VII may be
designated as polyvalent officer, dual-purpose officer or other designations as
approved by the Administration, in accordance with the terminology used in the
applicable safe manning requirements.

How The White House “Guidance For Regulation Of Artificial Intelligence” Invites Overregulation

Along with such spending having thick strings attached and accompanying regulatory effects that propagate, it is not proper for the sciences nor practical applications of them to proceed walled off from one another in the arbitrary legislative appropriations and regulatory environments that prevail in Washiington.

The most recent development is the White House Office of Management and Budget’s 2020 Guidance for Regulation of Artificial Intelligence Applications , directed at heads of federal executive branch agencies. In fulfillment of Trump E.O. 13859 and building upon it, the January 2020 document at first blush strikes the right tone, aiming at engaging the public and forbearance, limiting regulatory overreach, eliminating duplication and redundancy across agencies, improving access to government-data and models, recognizing that a one-size regulatory shoe does not fit all, using performance based objectives rather than rigid rules, and in particular, avoiding over-precaution. For example, the guidance on p. 2 instructs:

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Earnings Guidance: Can It Predict the Future

Providing forecasts is one of the oldest professions. In previous incarnations, earnings guidance was called the «whisper number.» The only difference is that whisper numbers were given to selected analysts so that they could warn their big clients. Fair disclosure laws (known as Regulation Fair Disclosure or Reg FD) made this illegal and companies now have to broadcast their expectations to the world, giving all investors access to this information at the same time.   This has been a good development.

Earnings guidance is defined as the comments management gives about what it expects its company will do in the future. These comments are also known as «forward-looking statements» because they focus on sales or earnings expectations in light of industry and macroeconomic trends. These comments are given so that investors can use them to evaluate the company’s earnings potential.

Earnings Guidance: Can It Predict the Future

Earnings guidance serves an important role in the investment decision-making process. Under current regulations, it is the only legal way a company can communicate its expectations to the market. This perspective is important because management knows its business better than anyone else and has more information on which to base its expectations than any number of analysts. Consequently, the most efficient way to communicate management’s information to the market is via guidance. In an ideal world, analysts who choose to listen to these numbers would use this information in combination with their own research to develop earnings forecasts.

An interesting question is what will the Street do if misses become bigger and more frequent? Today, if a company misses the consensus estimate by a penny, its stock could suffer or soar. Bigger misses could result in bigger swings in stock prices, producing a more volatile market. On the other hand, if the market is aware that the misses are caused by the lack of guidance, it may become more forgiving. If there is an argument for stopping guidance, it is that the Street would be more forgiving of companies that miss the consensus estimate.

Division of Clearing and Risk staff issued an interpretation providing clarification that while regulation 22.2(d) prohibits an FCM from permitting a lien on Cleared Swaps Customer Collateral that it holds, regulation 22.2(d) does not prohibit a Cleared Swaps Customer from granting a lien on his or her own account at the FCM, nor does the regulation prohibit the FCM from taking action to foster the Cleared Swaps Customer’s grant of such a lien.
Regulation 22.2(d); Interpretation

Division Of Swap Dealer And Intermediary Oversight Advisory: Applicability of Transaction-Level Requirements to Activity in the United States
Sections 2(a), 2(h), and 4s of the CEA, and Parts 23, 37, 38, 39, 43, and 50 of the Commission’s Regulations; Advisories; Other Written Communication

Вы искали guidance-and-regulation

We protect the public interest by making sure our firms, members, students and affiliates maintain the highest standards of professional competency and conduct. ICAEW’s regulatory and disciplinary role is independent of membership activities so we can monitor, support or take steps to ensure change if these standards are not met. This section explains how we maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and access to the regulations and guidance.

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ICAEW Regulatory Board: An independent board, The ICAEW Regulatory Board (IRB) is responsible for overseeing ICAEW’s Professional Standards’ Department and the statutory regulatory role of ICAEW. And, to further protect the public interest, at least 50% of the IRB and the regulatory and disciplinary committee members are non-accountants. This governance structure and over 130 years of regulation expertise ensures we maintain the highest professional and ethical standards within the accountancy profession in a fair, accountable, consistent and transparent manner.

Вы искали guidance-and-regulation

  • Ads may have branded pharmaceutical names (i.e. «Viagra», «Cialis») & resemble the branded pill’s shape, however, there must be the word *Generic* or a phrase *Better than Viagra* or *Just like Viagra* visibly stated on the banner
  • Landing Pages must contain the phrase «Consult your doctor.»

Model Clauses” means the standard contractual clauses for the transfer of Personal Data to Controllers established in third countries which do not ensure an adequate level of data protection pursuant to EU Commission Decision 2004/915/EC amending Decision 2001/497/EC, made available to you in conformity with Section 7 herein.

Earnings Guidance: Can It Predict the Future

The cynical view is that, because this is not an ideal world, management teams use guidance to sway investors. In bull markets, some companies have given optimistic forecasts when the market wants momentum stocks with fast-growing earnings per share (EPS). In bear markets, companies have tried to lower expectations so that they can «beat the number» during earnings season. It is one of the analyst’s jobs to evaluate management expectations and determine if these expectations are too optimistic or too low, which may be an attempt at setting an easier target. Unfortunately, this is something that many analysts forgot to do during the dot-com bubble.

Eliminating guidance could result in more diverse estimates and missed numbers. Analysts often use guidance as a reference point from which to build their forecasts. Without this anchor, the range of analysts’ estimates will be wider, producing larger variances from actual results. Misses of more than a penny may become commonplace.

Division of Clearing and Risk staff issued an interpretation providing clarification that while regulation 22.2(d) prohibits an FCM from permitting a lien on Cleared Swaps Customer Collateral that it holds, regulation 22.2(d) does not prohibit a Cleared Swaps Customer from granting a lien on his or her own account at the FCM, nor does the regulation prohibit the FCM from taking action to foster the Cleared Swaps Customer’s grant of such a lien.
Regulation 22.2(d); Interpretation

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is in the process of implementing the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The Staff of the CFTC is in the process of responding to questions and answers and other requests regarding rules issued under Dodd-Frank.

Travellers who have visited any other risk area (neither high incidence area nor virus variant area) during the ten days prior to entry into Germany must be in possession of a test result no later than 48 hours after entry and present it to the competent authorities upon request.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions are in place for entry into Germany from a large number of countries. Those entering Germany from risk areas must complete a digital entry registration form, be tested for coronavirus and, depending on the regulations of the Land in question, self-isolate.

CMS Expert Guide to electricity law and regulation

2.2.17 EU funding programmes have provided financial aid for electricity networks and storage projects of strategic benefit, notably the Trans-European Networks in the Energy sector programme (TEN-E). 26 Council Regulation (EC) No. 680/2007 laying down general rules for the granting of Community financial aid in the field of the trans-European transport and energy networks.

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The 2020 targets have fired up the various EU jurisdictions to look for ways to meet their renewable energy national targets. Most jurisdictions expect to achieve their targets with over half of the EU countries having reached their 2011 interim objectives already. As Europe looks to the 2030 framework and how it shall direct its energy mix in the future, the need for greater harmonisation and cross-border integration remains a dominant topic. The electricity sector continues to take steps toward such integration with further developments expected in the short to medium term.

Guidance for Agency FOIA Regulations

As mentioned above, the FOIA provides that agencies are required to respond to requests for access to records that are reasonably described, providing such requests are made according to the agency’s published rules stating “the time, place, fees (if any), and procedures” for making requests. Id. § 552 (a)(3)(A)(ii). Thus, at a minimum, agency FOIA regulations must indicate where requesters should submit their requests. The designation of office(s) to receive requests will also facilitate the routing of any misdirected requests. Id. § 552 (a)(6)(A)(ii). As described below, agency regulations are required to establish a schedule of fees. Agencies must also include any other “procedures” for making requests. These could include references to how requesters should submit their requests (by mail, email, through an online portal, etc.), what type of contact information is needed, and any other information (such as a case number) that the requester should provide. Finally, the regulations should note any special requirements for requesters seeking records on themselves or other individuals, such as providing a certification of identity form. As shown in the FOIA regulation template, agencies are also encouraged to include customer service provisions such as including a brief description of the request topic in the acknowledgment.

Additionally, agencies may choose to include provisions that emphasize certain statutory requirements, such as the requirement to route misdirected requests within decentralized agencies, or the requirement to provide notice of dispute resolution services provided by FOIA Public Liaisons or OGIS at various points in the request process. Doing so helps reinforce the requirements and promotes greater familiarity with them. Agencies may also go beyond the statutory requirements by including regulatory provisions pertaining to agency policies and procedures on topics such as proactive disclosures, the responsibilities of FOIA Public Liaisons, and the presumption of openness. For example, OIP encourages agencies to include provisions specifying that they will communicate electronically with requesters as a default if that is the requester’s preferred means of communication. OIP also encourages agencies to make their FOIA Public Liaison available to requesters to assist them in formulating their request or locating documents that the agency has already proactively disclosed. By including such provisions, agencies can formalize best practices, strengthen quality customer service, and further promote open government.

а) руководство и инструкция уделено преступников, их полезно лечение, направленное на реституции положительных умений и навыков,
б) меры, принимаемые для предотвращения враждебных действий
в) лицо отбывает наказание
г) детальный анализ уголовного лица или группы
Е) членом органа, который дает или делает законы
е) что-то дал или требовали в счет погашения, особенно наказание 1) сдерживание 2) тематическое исследование 3) законодатель 4) возмездие 5) осужденный 6) реабилитации

a) guidance and instruction given to offenders, their beneficial treatment aimed at restitution of positive skills and attitudes
b) measures taken to prevent hostile action
c) a person serving a prison sentence
d) a detailed analysis of a criminal person or group
e) a member of a body which gives or makes laws
f) something given or demanded in repayment, especially punishment